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Zambia’s Thundering Africa

“Mosi-Oa-Tunya” translation means “smoke that thunder,” the local description of Victoria Falls in Zambia. As one of the greatest natural wonders on the planet, the falls cascade 355 feet from a natural crevice in the Earth through which the Zambezi River travels. Over 38,000 cubic feet of water cascade down the falls every second, and the sight is simply mesmerizing. Even more intriguing for our guests are the subtle changes to the falls over the course of a year, primarily due to changes in rainfall. During the low waters, swim at the Devils Pool or dine at Livingstone Island, both sited at the lips of the falls. The wildness of Victoria Falls is an exceptional example of Zambia’s unspoiled, pristine outback country. Thanks in part to the country’s many waterways, the wilderness areas are abundant with diverse plants, trees, vegetation, wildlife and birds. Zambia’s national parks are precious natural resource that is prized amongst conservationists, and the Luangwa Valley and the namesake parks of South and North Luangwa are representatives of how proper land and wildlife management enhances the human experience.

Known also as the “Garden of Eden,” the valley is a distinct safari destination, offering guests rare insights into animal behaviors. Impala frequently rut and calve in the valley, and the area has a high density of leopards. The habitats vary with the changing water levels, showcasing a natural cycle of dormancy and rebirth. The safari activities are as diverse as the ecosystems. You may explore on foot during a walking safari, on a boat with a knowledgeable guide on a riverine birding safari at Lower Zambezi, explore the plains of Busanga in Kafue in a balloon safari or in 4X4, to name only a few of the ways to have your own distinct experience with Zambia. The country also attracts adventure-centric travelers in Africa with the offerings of microlight and helicopter flights over the majestic Victoria Falls, canoeing along the Zambezi River, fishing on the river, safaris on elephants, horseback riding and many other exciting activities!

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